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Caemgen's Alexis Carrington
Hot Sensation's Peak Performance
Caemgen's Alexis Carringtons puppies are born on the 22nd of June 2006. Spicy delivered us 6 boys and 3 girls.


Caemgen's Back To Hot Sensation
(owner Christina Dyrendalh, Sweden)
Lux. J. Ch 07 Caemgen's Back To Base
(owner Yvonne Hill-Decoster, Belgium)
Caemgen's Braveheart
Caemgen's Breaking Waves
Caemgen's Blowing In The Wind
GIB Ch/ CW 09 Caemgen's Butterflies In Winter
(owner Sjoerd Jobse)
GIB/PT/ES/MA/C.I.E Ch, Gib. J. Ch 07 Caemgen's Burning Desire
(owner Fiona Culatto, Gibraltar)
Caemgen's Blaze of Glory
The puppies pedigree:

Hot Sensation's Peak Performance

Fearnley Fire Monarch

Marksway Marquis

Fearnley Firesable

Hot Sensation's Karisma

Sunny Prides Chris Craft

Hot Sensation's Eurytmikka

Caemgen's Alexis Carrington

Vicary's Yogibear

Vicary's US Dollar

Vicary's Sugartop

Ember Maud Adams

Ember James Bond

Interset Puzzintresse

Picture of the puppies:

Lux JCh Caemgen's Back To Base



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