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Caemgen's Alexis Carrington

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Caemgen's Alexis Carrington also known as Spicy

Spicy is a totally other story than Sense. Spicy was really the most bitchy puppy in the litter, she had CHARACTER! During the weeks in the litter we started to call her Alexis, like Joan Collins in the serie Dynasty. She was really playing the boss over the others, and really had her own opinion of what she did and didn't liked.

In the beginning we decided to keep only one puppy from the litter........allthough Spicy wasn't my personal favorite in the litter, she was quite well built in her body. My father adored the character of Spicy. It was quite a challenge for him to raise her. So in the end we decided to keep Spicy as well.

By now she is really an adorable and happy dog. Looks totally different than her sister Sense, but also looks really well. She loves to play with everybody and is very friendly to everybody, so actually the Alexis we saw in the litter is developed to a friendly dog.

Spicy is also doing really well at shows just like the others in the litter which are going to shows. She also loves to run the fields and hunting for birds and other species with her mother Yuna.

In 2006 Spicy gave me 9 wonderful puppies. The father was Hot Sensation's Peak Performance. She was fantastic mother and I hope all her children are doing great

Pedigree of Caemgen's Alexis Carrington
Born 24-05-2003

Multi Ch
Vicary's Yogibear

Ch. Vicary's US Dollar

Tactic's Most Happy Fellow

Ch. Vicary's Peachy

Vicary's Sugartop

Vicary's Principal

Vicary's Little Lolly

Ch Ember Maud Adams

Ember James Bond

LP Danaway Raingod Warrior

SV-94 LP1
Discovery's Number One Only

EuW-99 SV-99
Interset Puzzintresse

Dubliner As Time Goes By

LP1 Ember Blaze of Glory



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