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Ch Caemgen's Alive and Kicking

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Caemgen's Alive and Kicking.....also known as Sense.

Sense........what can I say about Sense.

Sense was my favorite puppy in the litter since she was 3 weeks old. I think everybody always has got a favorite puppy in a litter. In my litter that was Sense. She was one of a kind. Not that I didn't liked the others by the way. So we decided to keep Sense.

Sense grew up together with her sister Spicy. And what a big difference between those two girls. Sense was mostly the lazy and clumpsy one, while Spicy was the smart one and full of energy.

Sense is doing really great at shows and won 16 titles and numerous CAC's in 9 different countries. Besides the shows she enjoys the woods and the fields a lot. Because in my opinion a "showdog" also needs to run and hunt in the woods!

Pedigree of Ch Caemgen's Alive and Kickings
Born 24-05-2003

Multi Ch
Vicary's Yogibear

Ch. Vicary's US Dollar

Tactic's Most Happy Fellow

Ch. Vicary's Peachy

Vicary's Sugartop

Vicary's Principal

Vicary's Little Lolly

Ch Ember Maud Adams

Ember James Bond

LP Danaway Raingod Warrior

SV-94 LP1
Discovery's Number One Only

EuW-99 SV-99
Interset Puzzintresse

Dubliner As Time Goes By

LP1 Ember Blaze of Glory



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